The Trouble Is​.​.​.

by Mike Indest

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The basic tracks for these songs were recorded live. Eddie played bass, Monty on drums and I was playing the uke and singing. After a decent take Eddie added his signature harmonies and I added some Fender Rhodes. These recordings capture a feel I've never been able to capture on my earlier recordings. No click track this time, just playing it till it feels right. This is much more about emotion and I think that approach fits these songs well.

Lyrically the songs are a hyperbolic play on The Song Of Solomon 2:15 and 16.

15 Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

16 My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.

2016 Remaster


released April 27, 2013

Words and Music - Mike Indest

Mike Indest - Vocals, Baritone Uke, Rhodes
Eddie Parrino - Bass, BGV's
Monty LeBlanc - Drums



all rights reserved


Mike Indest New Orleans, Louisiana

This is indie rock that says something without shouting or faux-whispering. - Radio Eclectic

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Track Name: The Little Foxes
The Little Foxes

Before it breaks
Before it’s over
Before it takes
What’s little left of my soul
I’ll try and shake off these shackles

I’ll try and break

Myself from this self inflicted hell
Cause I know it’s the little things that arrest me

Don't mistake my silence
For forgiveness
I've never been one to let anything go

Gonna add it all up

You may have moved beyond but it’s my burden still
I know it's the little things that arrest me
Gonna mark the time by this miserable wall I build
I know it's the little things that arrest me

It’s the little foxes
It’s the cunning lies
It’s the paradoxes
It’s the hopeless tries
It’s the desperation
It’s the hanging on
It’s the feeling I get when all hope is gone
Track Name: The Trouble Is...
The Trouble Is...

The trouble is I'm not sure
Where the scales will balance out
Will you get the best of me now
Or will you be subject to my continuous
Failures and my broken promises
That pile up higher and higher every day

The trouble is my intentions are pure but my plans
Are the schemes of a madman
Who think’s he knows the way to make the world his own

The trouble is things may never be quite the way
That I planned them to work out
But you smile and say your only plan
Is to be here beside me
Telling me the only thing I need to hear

That in my weakness I am yours

The trouble is you may have to really shout it loud
Before I hear you