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The Pretty EP

by Mike Indest

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A million reasons why I love you A million reasons why I don't A million reasons I should stay here And a million reasons why I won't A million little complications A million small regrets A million validations A million things I want to forget It's weighing on me now it's weighing on me now It seems like that forever is a concept that can never be realized I know you can shine without me I never should have tried to illuminate your heart It's better this way Cause we both know that the only time That this has not been contentious Was the first time that our eyes met Right before we said right before we said hello
I'm just waiting for a reason So I can nail the final nail into it It won't be that important but I'll swear it's the biggest thing It's not your fault I can't love It's not your fault when I get close I run It's not your fault but your gonna pay I'm just waiting for a reason So I can nail the final nail into it It won't be that important but I'll swear it's the biggest thing Somewhere along the way it got fucked up Shalalalalala
I've got the nails in my back pocket Just waiting for a chance to drive 'em in A crown of thorns for my princess Until I crucify you why don't we pretend I'll be your Jesus Until I decide not to turn the other cheek I'll nail you up I'll let this bitter cup pass from me this time Got a heart full of forgiveness least that what I'll lead you to believe But I'm counting your transgressions Until I nail you up to laugh and watch you bleed I'll be your Jesus Until I place this crown of thorns upon your head I won't stop until you feel the way you made me feel With a kiss I'll betray you You can taste it on my lips I don't really want to but baby I can't quit The only way that you can be redeemed In my mind is when you suffer
Undressing and repressing All your weaknesses What you feel tonight You think it’s where your strength is You think you're pretty now The lines are drawn tonight Evidently crossed No regard for wrong or right The passion veiled your eyes No harm or so it seems You’ll be free to go Temporary connected flesh Permanent connected soul You think you're pretty now And you think you're Queen And you’ll live your dreams But they will never connect with you And what you’ve got baby love it’s not No it will never connect with you Now that the damage is done You’ve left with more than when you came I hope you got all that you wanted Cause the past now you can’t change


2016 Remaster

This EP is made up of songs that have been floating around for a while. The oldest is "You Think You're Pretty Now", dating all the way back to 1994! "I'll Be Your Jesus" is the second oldest dating back to around 2005 and was written at the same time I was writing songs for Motonaut's "The Now And The Not Yet". I didn't include it on the Motonaut project because it didn't fit in lyrically. "I Know You Can Shine Without Me" and "The Biggest Thing" were written after I recorded "The Now And The Not Yet" for what would have been the Motonaut follow up.

I am glad to get this one out of my system, I've wrestled with these songs long enough.

Thanks to Rob Ardion for doing the cover art and of course to Eddie and Monty for playing along.

This also marks the first time I've recorded using a guitar since 2005's "Let's Have Church" and the first time I've recorded with an electric guitar since 2003.

Here's a review from Matt Crosslin in the March 2014 issue of "Down The Line Magazine"!

Basement Tapes head honcho, deep thinker,and all around nice guy Mike Indest returns with a new EP of acoustic pop ditties. With provocative titles like “I’ll Be Your Jesus” and “You Think You’re Pretty Now”, you know you are not in for typical Top 40 radio fodder. The mood seems to be a bit more somber on this EP than some of Indest’s older outputs like Swimsuit Grandma. Mike says this is the first time in a while he has recorded with a guitar. I like the results. The other instruments are a nice touch, especially the melodica, bass guitar, and drum driven flourish a little over half way through “You Think You’re Pretty Now.” Short and to the point, as well as free –what’s not to like? See Mike’s BandCamp page to listen or download and check-out there-mastered updated older projects of his as well.


released August 14, 2013

Mike Indest - Vocals, Baritone Ukulele, Guitar, Glockenspiel, Melodica, TX81Z
Eddie Parrino - Bass, BGV's
Monty LeBlanc - Drums
Robert Ardion - Cover design


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Mike Indest New Orleans, Louisiana

This is indie rock that says something without shouting or faux-whispering. - Radio Eclectic

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