by Mike Indest




Producer notes: Mike drove up to MN to record these songs in my "No Hoop" studio. He sent demos of each song and I recorded the live drums prior to his arrival. We recorded his keeper vocal and baritone ukulele for "side B" the first night and 3 more songs the next day, including "side A". And How finished up, after he left, by adding the guitar, bass and background vocals to the songs. It all happened so fast, but it sure was a blur of fun!


released July 25, 2015



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Mike Indest New Orleans, Louisiana

Thoughtful Indie Rock about broken hearts and a merciful God.

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Track Name: What Would I Do? (side A)
White walls and metal chairs
Boredom fills the air
Nothing good to read
Everyone here seems asleep

I’ve always hated quite times like these
I always said a quiet time leads to atrophy

Sitting here where I can’t hide
The memories come from inside
The low points on replay
While I justify how I behaved

It’s impossible when I try
To erase the history from my mind
I try to tell myself I was the victim of the crime

I’m just looking at the clock on the wall
I’m just looking for the time
I’m just looking to get out of here
and find some way to occupy my mind

Instead of wondering If I was in the same situation
What would I do
Track Name: I Guess We're All Gonna Find Out (side B)
Caught in between this world and the next
Loved one calling from both directions
Is it selfish or is it selfless
To want to move beyond the temporal

Or do words like these have a different meaning
When you’re balanced between
The here and there

Does every riddle have an answer
Does every no have a reason
Is every childhood pain opened
Ready to receive it’s healing

When you’re stuck between
The now and the not yet
Does is all start to make sense

Is it bravery
Is it knowing
I guess we’re all gonna find out