The Moment Before You Arrive

by Mike Indest

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2016 Remaster

-Dw Dunphy lends arrangements and production to Indest's vocals and ukulele. Lyrically earnest, melodically immediate; call it a low-concept song cycle, or a highly ambitious singer-songwriter EP. This is indie rock that says something without shouting or faux-whispering. The Moment Before You Arrive is accessible, challenging, and simultaneously genuine, which I find to be a rare combination these days.

Red Bank, NJ, February 27, 2015 --( The proposition for the EP The Moment Before You Arrive was for seven songs. Not eight, not six. Mike Indest has a purpose behind that specific numerology, but at the moment he’s not revealing it.

The songs speak of love and grace, but there are many ways to look at both. You can look at them from the shoreline, breathing a huge sigh of relief that you are there. You can look at them in the middle of the river, paddling for your life. Still love, still grace, just with vastly different perspectives attached to them.

“I try not the record the same project twice and since I had recently released 3 self produced EP’s with the same band, I knew it was time to do something really different,” Indest said. “I have been a fan of Dw Dunphy’s songwriting and producing (under the Introverse Music Ltd. banner) for a while and I thought it would be interesting and possibly dangerous the see where he could take my songs.”

At first, the combination might have seemed an ill fit. Indest, known for working with combos and for playing live; Dunphy as very much a solo artist who writes and records autonomously, and rarely performs in public. Yet the songs dictated the process, and things clicked instantaneously. “This group of songs was a perfect batch to let Dw loose with since in some ways they are a growth for me and I wanted that to show in the production as well,” Indest said. “Every song he sent me back to listen to was the exact opposite of what I would have done and they sounded great!”

The other defining aspect of The Moment Before You Arrive is that it is, very loosely, a concept recording. That required giving each song its own look and feel so the narrative would not become too heavy, as Indest noted: “These songs also fit together in a different way than most of my other projects that were very linear musically and lyrically. This project is kinda sad, kinda funny and encompasses more of the whole of life than I have dealt with before, and Dw’s production skills and arrangement gives each of these tunes their independence but it holds together very well.”

Indest wrote the songs -- music and words -- sang and played the ukulele. Then he digitally sent them from their home in New Orleans, Louisiana to the Garden State of New Jersey. There, producer Dw Dunphy added his musical instrument of choice: the kitchen sink. It was not without major reservations.

“Mike’s songs were already there. I didn't really have to do much to them,” said Dunphy. “But I will recall those albums from when I was younger that, after they were over, I’d just start them back up again from track one. I’d listen on that loop for weeks, and each time I listened a little harder, I heard something more. Mike’s positive attitude and expressive lyrics allowed me the chance to do that with whatever additions I provided. I hope that people will be listening to the collection in ten years like they will in 2015. Longevity really is the goal.”

“The album, I think, is about hope,” Dunphy added. “It is about faith in something that will reveal itself when it is required, but it isn't cheap and it doesn't come just anytime. It’s not a gumball machine where you drop in requests and out comes candy, on a whim.” He backtracks and says, “But it is also about volume and energy. You will feel good once the last song is done and, if we’ve done our part right, you’ll start it all up again right after.”

Indest concluded, “Depending how you count it, this is #10 for me and I think this will be the one I will have to try to beat from here on out.”

The Moment Before You Arrive is due in the spring of 2015.

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released March 16, 2015

Mike Indest - Songs, Vocals, Uke
Dw. Dunphy - The Kitchen Sink


all rights reserved



Mike Indest New Orleans, Louisiana

This is indie rock that says something without shouting or faux-whispering. - Radio Eclectic

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Track Name: Those Who Do
You’re a wrecking ball
You’re a still small voice

You're a jealous Father
Who wants the best for his kids

And You won’t stop till you get what you’re wanting

Without you I am nothing
Within you I can move

And you won’t stop till you get what you’re wanting

And you humbled yourself and faced the ridicule
From of those who don’t believe and those who do

I’m a broken heart scared to love
I’ve gotten so good at lying to myself
Track Name: Tendencies
She can’t help herself she’s gonna do it
Her hands are shaking

She’s got, she’s got, she’s got tendencies
and now her heart won’t find it’s peace
until she gives it everything she thinks it needs

Sometimes it’s comical
Sometimes it’s dangerous
All the while she’ll stay obsessed
Until she finds everything she thinks her heart is looking for

She’s sitting on her hands cause she wants to interfere
when she hears all of your stupid plans
She’s knows just what, just what you need to do
And she’s chomping at the bit trying hard not to tell you

She’s got, she’s got, she’s got tendencies
and now her heart won’t find relief
Until she gives you everything she thinks you need

Sometimes it’s obvious
Sometimes it’s just enough
Sometimes it’s way more than you bargained for
but never more than what she thinks is needed

She knows but she can help it show

She’s got tendencies
Track Name: See How She Moves Me
See how she moves me
Far from this scenery
I thought I’d have to look at forever
See how she lifts me
From monotony
To a place where things seem alive

I won’t sing of absolutes
Or fill this song with meaningless cliches
I can’t say all my troubles are gone
But sometimes she make them seem far away

See how she moves me
Far from simplicity
But nowhere near complicated
See how she lifts me
From the misery
To where things seem a little more clear

It’s not like I've changed who I am
Or moved a million miles from where I stand
It’s not like I’m completely free
But sometimes it seems these chains don’t bother me

See how she moves me.......
Track Name: I'm No Good At Letting Go
Letting go of things that define

Letting go of truths I claimed as mine

But are only self delusions

It seems you're asking me to let go of what I understand

Enjoy the mystery while I’m holding your hand

But I’m no good at letting go

Of my biology

Or bad theology

That hurts everyone around
Track Name: I'm Always Saying Too Much
I’m a clown with two left feet
A surgeon who's all thumbs
A singer with all the wrong notes

A runner with no feet
A funny man with no jokes
An author with no written words

And I seem to crush everything I get in my hands
I hope that you’ll listen up I hope you understand

I’m an artist with no ink
A sailor with no boat
A magician without any tricks

A traveler who stays home
A wrestler with no moves
A doctor without any cures

And I seem to crush everything I get in my hands
I hope that you listen up I hope you understand

I may say that it’s not my intention to destroy everything that I touch
but to say that I know my intention is probably saying too much

I’m a pilot with no plane
A soldier with no gun
A boxer who can't make a fist

A reader with no books
A builder with no tools
A farmer without any seed

I could say that the hand I’ve been dealt
Is the reason I'm not succeeding
I could say it’s written in the cards, the stars
and they’re never deceiving

I’m always saying too much
Track Name: The Moment Before You Arrive
When I’m getting closer
To the finish line
No reason to think that
It’ll be different this time
It’s in this exact place
Where I feel unnerved
Cause I know what’s coming
Right around the next curve

It’s an army whose chanting
Their battle cry against me
I hear them singing

This is the place where it all falls apart
The moment before you arrive

It could be my own doing always bringing me here
It could be the devil it really isn’t that clear
It could be my enemies trying to trip me up make me fall
It could be some of these things
or none of these things at all

It doesn't really matter who writes the inscription
The sign on the path says

This is the place where it all falls apart
The moment before you arrive

There’s a roadblock in my way
I can’t move and I can’t climb
There’s a sign above that says
The road is closed the path denied
Track Name: Right Beside You
I swear if the moon turns the particular shade of red
The prophets say signal the end
And the stars start really falling from the sky
And prove all of my theories wrong

I’ll be running for cover right beside you

I swear if the sky opens up and the rain falls
Like it did so long ago
And somewhere in the distance we can see
The last boat heading out of here

I’ll be treading water right beside you

I swear if the earth starts to shake and we both fall
Down and we can’t find our feet
And we laugh as we watch each other try to stand

Trying to overcome our fate
I’ll be lying on the ground right beside you

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