Shine Down

by Mike Indest

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This is the 2013 Mastered version of the 2003 release. These songs were fun to record after laboring over "3 Stories" for such a long time. I did my best to mimic Dr. Love on the guitar. Yeah I know, not even close! Thanks anyway to the good Dr. for the inspiration.

2013 Master - Jeff Elbel
Cover Painting - Michael Knott
Album Design - Matt Crosslin

Trouble and Sorrow remains one of the best pop songs I’ve heard in a couple of years, it’s a guitar driven track that stops short of bursting into flame – it’s a wonderfully smoldering tune.
(April 20, 2005)


released June 18, 2003



all rights reserved


Mike Indest New Orleans, Louisiana

This is indie rock that says something without shouting or faux-whispering. - Radio Eclectic

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Track Name: Shine Down
Take the poison from my veins
Take the evil from my mind
Take the brokenness I am
Take the pieces as they fall
Take me from the path that leads
To nowhere but my own demise
Forsake me not for I am weakened

Shine down on me

Breathe your breath of life in me
Scatter all my enemies
Fill my cup until it overflows

Shine down on me

And the walls that surround are closing in
Like they never have before
Many are the ones to harm me
And they’re beating down the door
Will you rescue me in my time of trouble
Do not turn a deaf ear when I pray

Shine down on me
And never let me go
Track Name: Trouble And Sorrow
I found trouble and sorrow
You found me a way out
I’ve known the depths of despair
You filled the depths of my doubt

It’s getting to the point where I can see
Your love for me is never failing
It’s getting to the point where I can see
Your path for me is so much better
Then where I’ve gone before

I’ve known poverty and sickness
You’ve known the blessings still to come
I see it only in an instant
You see it as it will become
Track Name: One Of Them
There is no fear of God in their eyes

I feel like I’m one of them

They flatter themselves in their eyes

I feel like I’m one of them

Do you see me as a man after your heart
Or do you see me as one who curses your name

I feel like I’m one of them